A Day in the Life of a Franchisee at Celebree School

A Day in the Life of Katie Young, Celebree School Franchise Owner

“My day is spontaneous,” says Katie Young, Celebree School’s first franchise owner. “I can plan a calendar, but you never know what’s going to pop up.”

In a word, she describes her day-to-day life as fun. Because her father was an entrepreneur, Katie always harbored a desire to own a business of her own. And she recalls with fondness the nurturing side her mother naturally displayed. By integrating the best qualities of both of her parents, Katie found that Celebree School’s family-oriented business opportunity was the perfect way to honor her meaningful upbringing.

“Your day is busy, fun, and spontaneous—but above all, it’s what you make of it,” says Katie. “But one of the biggest aspects of our day are our Celebree School tours. Giving someone the right impression about our commitment to the community is very important to us.”

She’s honest about the challenges of the job, as well, noting that she sometimes has “one of those days.” But she believes that the big picture is worth it, because she’s making a difference in the lives of her teachers, students, and community.

Be sure to watch the full five-minute video but pay special attention to what happens at the 3:00-minute mark. At a moment’s notice, see how Katie Young and her family of Celebree parents rallied to put together a drive-by birthday parade for a young child in her community with cancer. The little girl’s prognosis is good and she’s going to be OK, perhaps thanks in part to the joy she felt watching a near-100 car parade go by her house. “This is what it truly means to be a part of your community,” says Katie.

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