About Our Daycare Franchise: What is the Celebree Promise?

At Celebree Schools™, We Grow People Big and SmallTM. This is our core purpose and promise to children, parents, and daycare franchise owners alike. 

Through this promise, we’re building a community of child care centers that make a difference in their local neighborhoods. By establishing villages focused on protecting, educating, and nurturing children as they grow and thrive, we’re making the world a better place one community at a time.

How Our Daycare Franchise Makes an Impact Through The Celebree Promise

As a daycare company, we’re entrusted with a huge responsibility to both our young students and their parents, as well as the owners of our child care centers. We strive to achieve our mission of becoming a recognized leader in high-quality child care by building relationships with these three groups and maintaining our integrity as a brand, even as we expand into new geographical areas.

Below, you can see how our promise to grow people big and small affects the lives of all who come into contact with our child care community.   

Nurturing Children

Our child care centers offer a variety of educational programs for infants, preschoolers, and school age children. We aim to equip our students with valuable social skills and positive values that promote their success from an early age. We also encourage students to learn about and engage with the world around them through age-appropriate play, creative projects, and stimulating activities.

All Celebree Schools offer a stable learning environment that acts as an extension of the home, so children can feel cared for and at ease every moment of every day. By providing our students with a space where they can experience nurturing care, while growing into thoughtful and unique individuals, we help them become curious, proactive adults who are ready to make a meaningful contribution to society.

Besides nurturing and educating children, we give them every protection possible to ensure their physical security. Our approach to safety includes the use of high-tech closed circuit monitoring systems, individualized identification numbers for parents, and comprehensive background checks for all employees.

Supporting Parents

We’re proud to support parents by giving them the peace of mind, space, and time they need to grow personally and professionally. We’re parents ourselves, and we realize parents simply can’t rest easy unless they know they’re making the very best decisions for their children’s future.

That’s why our child care centers aren’t just a place where parents can drop their children off on the way to work. Parents choose to bring their children to Celebree Schools because they have a plan for their education and we help create the foundation for that plan.

We make it possible for children to enjoy early years of happiness, wonder, comfort, and discovery even when they can’t be by their parents’ side 24/7. Our philosophy of care is rooted firmly in the belief that investing in early education opens the door to social and academic success. 

Through this approach to care, we give parents confidence their children are making the most of those dynamic childhood years. In doing so, we provide them with the permission and peace of mind they need to pursue their own achievements and set a positive example for their children.

Mentoring Franchise Owners

Our daycare franchise offers so much more than a business opportunity. We give entrepreneurs a chance to develop and thrive as professionals. We support our franchisees through ongoing guidance and mentorship, delivering on our promise to grow people big and small each and every day.

At Celebree Schools, we believe it’s important for our child care centers to be unique, neighborhood-centric spaces. That’s why we support our franchisees in building their own legacies within their local communities. 

From support negotiating real estate options and assistance with marketing to robust training and talent development, we ensure our franchisees never feel they’re on their own as business owners. Our consultants even conduct monthly phone calls with each center to offer direct guidance and one-on-one mentoring, helping franchisees achieve their financial goals and reach their full potential as child care professionals.

As a franchisee with Celebree Schools, you’ll take on Celebree’s mission of growing people big and small in your own community. In addition to maintaining a space where children can receive the nurturing care they crave, you’ll also cultivate a team of educators and like-minded professionals who will help your center make a lasting impact on your local neighborhood.

Are you ready to join a daycare franchise that’s committed to making a difference in the lives of both children and adults? Get in touch with our team today to hear more about our exciting franchise opportunities. Call Celebree Schools at 610-764-6196 or request additional information online.

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