Becker’s School Supplies: Vendor Spotlight

Vendor Spotlight: Brigitte Reith, Regional Account Manager, Becker’s School Supplies

No Celebree classroom is complete without being equipped by one of our most cherished vendor partners, Becker’s School Supplies. Every desk, every chair, every bookcase, storage bin, toys and more, come directly by truck to each Celebree School location before the grand opening. After visiting with our regional account manager at Becker’s, Brigitte Reith, we found that the partnership between our two organizations goes beyond the transactional. It explores the mutual benefits of understanding how we collaborate with one another to address our child-centric worlds.

“The partnership with Celebree is something that is so much more than being the preferred vendor and their account manager,” says Reith. “When I became the account manager with Becker’s in 2016, I first met and was assigned to Celebree. Their engagement in their community and their commitment to excellence in childcare was evident—something I personally value.”

But Becker’s doesn’t just handle the initial load-in and drop-off of school-related supplies. They’re very much involved in replenishing Celebree School environments and addressing the ongoing maintenance of the inventory assigned to each location.

Reith sees the partnership from a 360-degree perspective, with a focus on managing high expectations.

“Partnering with Celebree means we have an understanding their brand, their mission, and how we can align with their commitment,” says Reith.  “But staying committed to higher standards in an ever-changing environment is difficult. Becker’s is committed to do what it takes to meet those challenges.  Whether we are searching for materials to support new industry changes or materials to enhance childcare environments, Becker’s works directly with Celebree making sure those offerings are meeting the expectations for their brand. Corporate and franchisees experience the same level of care and partnership because ultimately, we’re all supporting what we care most about – making a difference in the lives of children and families.”

Brigitte Reith, Becker’s Regional Account Manager for Celebree School

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