Best Franchise to Buy in South Carolina

Over the past 25 years, Celebree School has played a pioneering role in the child care industry. As a recognized leader in early childhood education and child care, we’re excited to be expanding our franchise into new communities in need of high-quality child care services. Celebree School are neighborhood-oriented centers for care and education. Our name inspires trust in parents across the Mid-Atlantic area and will soon become a driving force in adjacent regions, making us a best franchise to buy in South Carolina and beyond.

What Makes Celebree One of the Best Franchises to Buy?

Celebree School are individualized child care communities that revolve around the needs of local children and parents. Our business model offers center owners the opportunity to connect with talented educators in their area while supporting working parents and nurturing young learners. This model is unique thanks to our educational child care programs, nationally accredited curriculum, and focus on developing deep connections with franchisees.

As we encourage our center owners to build upon existing connections in their communities, we inspire them to embrace a career path that offers exceptional rewards. After all, our franchise owners don’t only see themselves as providing a business service for the local area. Instead, they’re taking on a new vocation driven by their desire to support families and instill positive values in the next generation.

Meeting the Need for High-Quality Child Care in South Carolina

Celebree School first took root in Maryland and over the years expanded into neighboring areas where the need for reliable child care was high. Currently, 26 corporate-owned centers are in operation and we’re anticipating the opening of at least 25 franchise locations up and down the East Coast and in nearby states.

South Carolina is a focal point in this expansion. According to South Carolina First Steps, 42% of people in this state live in a child care desert. In these areas, there are three times as many children as licensed child care slots. 

Child Care Aware® of America has calculated that more than 200,000 children under the age of 6 in South Carolina potentially require child care. It also must be noted that only 4% of center-based child care programs in the state are nationally accredited. Thus, there is not only a need for greater access to child care in South Carolina but also a need for high-quality, educational programs backed by scientific research.

Establishing Celebree School in this state will help meet this need and give parents peace of mind as they pursue their professional ambitions. Parents choose our schools because they have a plan for their children’s future. Rather than feeling they’re just “dropping the kids off,” the parents of our students know they’re actually laying a solid foundation for social and academic success when their children are in our care.

If you’re looking for the best franchise to buy in South Carolina and have a passion for working with children, consider checking out our franchising opportunities. We’re interested in partnering with budding professionals who believe in the importance of early childhood education and want to dedicate their time and energy to improving their local community in one of the cities below.


As the largest city in South Carolina, Charleston is an optimal starting point for our franchise in this state. The majority of children in Charleston County under the age of five, a total of 70.2%, reside in a child care desert. We’re looking forward to supporting families across this metropolitan area by partnering with passionate, community-oriented entrepreneurs who are ready to open a Celebree School in their local neighborhood.


Columbia is the second-largest city in South Carolina as well as the state’s capital. The city holds the county seat of Richland County, which is home to 23,853 children under the age of 5. A whopping 72.9% of these children live in an area considered to be a child care desert. We hope to lower this percentage in the coming years through the opening of Celebree School in the Columbia community.

With educational child care in such high demand in South Carolina, a Celebree School is a best franchise to buy in this state. Reach out to our team today at 610-764-6196 to learn more about our child care business opportunities. 

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