Celebree’s Robust Training & Support Program

Back in January of this year, Celebree teamed up with FRANdata, the franchise industry’s leading independent research and advisory firm. With access to the largest database of franchisor data, FRANdata conducts intensive studies of franchise business models to reveal their comparative performance at the brand level. FRANdata’s research for Celebree provided market insights in five key areas, which we’ve condensed into a new, five-part blog series.

The fourth blog edition focuses on the robust training and support programs provided by Celebree. As you’ll see, not all of these programs are created equal. And the difference is plainly visible when compared to a cross-section of emerging brands in other industries with similar start-up costs.

Celebree Support Programs vs. Childcare Competitors

With over 25 established locations in business prior to being offered as a franchise opportunity, Celebree had plenty of time to establish a comprehensive set of support programs. Other emerging childcare competitors? Not so much. Which is why Celebree’s model on the left looks like an undisturbed polar ice cap. And our direct competitors on the right look melted in comparison:

Celebree vs. Indirect Competitors

Compared to emerging brands with similar start-up costs in several different franchise industries, these radial graphs of Celebree’s peers resemble ice cap formations exposed to much worse levels of melting:

For Training and Support, Celebree Brings the Heat

As we compared Celebree’s superior level of comprehensive training and support programs, we hope you enjoyed the metaphor of melting ice caps. What these graphs really reveal is the amount of heat Celebree Schools bring to bear against our direct—and indirect—emerging brand competitors with similar start-up costs.

Stay tuned and check back for final blog post edition of Celebree’s FRANdata Review Series.

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