Development Options That Shorten the Time-To-Open and Lower Costs While Encouraging Future Growth

FRANdata Review: Celebree’s Flexible & Speedy Development Process

Back in January of this year, Celebree teamed up with FRANdata, the franchise industry’s leading independent research and advisory firm. With access to the largest database of franchisor data, FRANdata conducts intensive studies of franchise business models to reveal their comparative performance at the brand level. FRANdata’s research for Celebree provided market insights in five key areas, which we’ve condensed into a new, five-part blog series.

This second blog entry looks at the advantages of opening a Celebree School, whose flexible development options and lower real estate requirements speed up and simplify the process of opening a location, including comparisons to direct and indirect competitors.  

Celebree’s Development Advantages

Because Celebree School franchises are designed to reduce an owner’s time-to-open, our concept can accomplish a grand opening at a lower cost point, thereby encouraging future growth. The process of opening a childcare business can be time-consuming, typically 18-28 months. Celebree’s openings average 17-24 months from signing to grand opening. A comparison of start-up costs show Celebree is over 50% lower. And, per square foot, our concept is 34.7% below our direct peer’s average cost:

Celebree Offers Unit Scalability at a Much Lower Price Point

Unlike a majority of the competition, Celebree School offers new franchisees the option to enter multi-unit development right away. For others that do offer multi-development rights to existing franchisees, their initial franchise fee for the first unit is 28.3% above Celebree School. For second and third-unit averages, the fees rise above Celebree’s costs at a rate of 37.3% and 60.4%, respectively. Note:

Comparison by the Square Foot

The overall cost on a square foot level is markedly lower than several industry competitors with a similar footprints and investment levels. How much lower? On average, anywhere from 28-80%:

It’s easy to see that in a head-to-head comparison with direct and indirect franchise competitors, Celebree is the more flexible—and affordable—option for owning a business of your own through franchising. Stay tuned and check back for additional posts in Celebree’s FRANdata Review Series.

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