FranCon 2024 in Nashville

The 2024 annual FranCon for Celebree School took place in Nashville, TN, featuring keynote speakers, roundtable discussions and two and a half days of fun!

A Celebration of Franchising

For the 2024 edition of our annual FranCon, we set out to make it the best gathering of franchisees we’ve ever had. Taking place in lovely Nashville and featuring two and a half days of networking, keynote speakers, and roundtable discussions, Celebree School’s FranCon 2024 was one to remember.

Inspirational Keynote Speakers

FranCon is a time for the entire Celebree School family to come together, learn from each other, and celebrate our shared vision. Nowhere was that more noteworthy than during our keynote speeches. Starting with CEO Richard Huffman, FranCon 2024’s presentations focused on building a network of schools committed to high-quality early childhood education. Other illuminating presentations were given by COO Allison Tsomos, Scott Greenberg, IFA President Matthew Haller, and Jessica Turner.

With 26 franchise locations currently open along with another 26 corporate sites, Celebree School’s success is found in the passion and commitment of our corporate staff, vendors, and (of course) franchise partners. Our company is larger than the sum of its parts.

Engaging Panel Discussions

Many franchisees who attended FranCon 2024 had already opened their own location, but many were still in earlier stages of the process. That’s why we set up a series of engaging panel discussions with successful franchisees. Including panelists Mindi McClure, Mike Sapperstein, Vakul Goel, Keyuri Rajani, Kelli Amrein, and Mohammad Ali, these informative talks gave new members of the Celebree School family actionable steps and a path toward success in their own locations.

Roundtable Conversations

What makes Celebree School one of the top daycare franchises is our commitment to fostering quality early childhood education across the country. Our franchisees are shepherds, investing in the lives of children and their families while having untold positive impacts throughout their communities. At FranCon 2024, we featured structured roundtable conversations to allow new franchisees to learn directly from more experienced entrepreneurs. How did you navigate the ups and downs of opening a location? What’s your philosophy on hiring staff? How do you optimize communication between school staff and families? Franchise partners were able to learn and grow throughout their weekend in Nashville.

What Everyone Said

“[I’m] so excited to see all of our franchise owners from near or far… Those who are open, those who are about to open, and just really share some great time together.”

Lisa Bricker, Chief Talent Officer for Celebree School

“I’m looking forward to meet[ing] everybody, putting names to faces, [and] networking. There’s so many things to be excited about, it’s hard to pick just one.”

Vakul Goel (VA)

“I think the real benefit of coming together with other franchisees and the corporate team is to really learn from others… and hopefully get to pass on the knowledge to those [that are] just getting started… Nothing can replace face to face time to sort of build those relationships.”

Mark Handin (TX)

“This is the best convention I’ve ever been to. They are always amazing. The energy is extremely positive. There’s a lot of help among sponsors, franchisees, and corporate intercepts, so it’s really exciting to be here.”

Lee Rock

An Unforgettable City

Surrounding FranCon 2024 were the sights and sounds of Nashville. Home of the Predators and an extensive history of country, blues, and rap music, Nashville could not have been a better host for the Celebree School family.

Although our itinerary was full, FranCon 2024 attendees saw a lot of the city throughout the weekend. On lunch breaks, many walked through Centennial Park – a stunning urban green space that includes the only full-scale replica of The Parthenon.

In the evenings, attendees found themselves at Tootsie’s Orchid Lounge, or even more likely, soaking up some country music on Broadway. The vibrant atmosphere of Nashville provided the perfect backdrop for networking and bonding among franchisees. Whether it was enjoying the local cuisine or exploring the rich musical heritage, the city added an extra layer of excitement to the event.

Looked Ahead to 2025!

As we look into the future, Celebree School remains committed to celebrating and supporting our franchisees. Each year, FranCon serves as a reminder of the incredible dedication and hard work of our franchise partners. Our goal is to continue providing top-notch resources, training, and support to help each location thrive.

We are already planning for FranCon 2025, and we promise it will be even more spectacular. With new insights, innovative strategies, and the unwavering support of our community, we are excited to see what the next year holds. Thank you to everyone who made FranCon 2024 a success, and we can’t wait to see you next year!

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