How a multi-unit franchise purchase accelerates your success

Celebree School recently awarded multiple franchise licenses to Maryann Abraham of North Brunswick, New Jersey. She will own and operate three Celebree School locations throughout Central New Jersey, with the first projected to open in April 2022.  As an experienced franchisee, Abraham knew jumping into a multi-unit deal best suited her needs and plans for the future.

Under the multi-unit model, a franchisee owns and operates more than one location, usually located within the same general region.

“I believe owning Celebree School locations will allow me to expand upon my entrepreneurial success while further enriching children’s lives and bringing a needed resource to my local communities, said Abraham. “My husband and I decided if we were going to invest, multi-unit made sense. Our attitude was go all in or don’t do it at all.”

Owning more than one unit is attractive to franchisees for many reasons. For one, a multi-unit franchisee is investing at a higher level, so they typically also receive financial benefits – such as a discount on the license fee with each unit. At Celebree School, they also lock into today’s franchise disclosure document (FDD) terms. Celebree franchisee Vakul Goel said the multi-unit option was a solid business decision. “There are advantages with buying three schools and I wanted to reap the benefits with my investment,” said Goel.

A franchisee with multiple locations isn’t dependent on only one school to generate revenue. Signing a multi-unit agreement also allows franchisees to have access to prime locations in in-demand territories. Plus, moving from location to location allows owners to escape a monotonous routine. With more than one Celebree School, franchisees can build their own operations team and face new challenges and goals as a business owner. They can remain extremely connected to each school but not get caught up in the day-to-day responsibilities.

While some prospective franchisees might pause at the idea of jumping into multiple units right out of the gate, it’s important to remember that until a lease is signed, there is nothing binding them to opening more than one school. “It’s low risk,” said Jim DiRugeris, Chief Development Officer, at Celebree School. “This gives franchisees time to understand Celebree and the franchise process. It can be reassuring to see the full progression from signing the franchise agreement to opening day to know that we are there with our franchise partners every step of the way.”

Understandably, the thought of opening more than one school may seem financially daunting. However, DiRugeris reminds prospective franchisees that the Small Business Administration helps simplify the loan process and allows individuals to borrow up to $5 million. “Even at the high end, you still have room to secure lending for more than one location.”

Whether your goal is to build a legacy for your children, leave your job in corporate America or wanting to diversify your portfolio, the potential ROI with a multi-unit franchise like Celebree School is remarkable. The Celebree model allows you to Grow People Big and SmallTM and can help set you on your path to financial independence.

For information on multi-unit franchise opportunities with Celebree School, contact Jim DiRugeris at or 443-391-6533.

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