Own a Franchise Business in Raleigh-Durham

If you’re a driven entrepreneur in the Raleigh-Durham area who wants to enjoy the benefits of owning a franchise business, you have a number of opportunities to choose from. However, not all of those opportunities will allow you to give back to your local community in a meaningful way. 

For a franchise business that invests in the next generation and makes your neighborhood a better place, choose Celebree School.

Celebree first opened its doors in Maryland back in the early 1990s. Decades later, our brand is intentionally expanding to communities up and down the east coast where educational, center-based child care is in high demand. 

North Carolina is the next big move in our purposeful plan of expansion. Specifically, we are looking for prospective business owners in the Raleigh-Durham area who are passionate about working with children and want to bring the Celebree brand of child care to their corner of the community.

Why is Raleigh-Durham the Next Stop for Our Franchise Business?

There’s a massive need for high-quality child care services in the state of North Carolina. The North Carolina Division of Child Development and Early Education has even reported the state has one of the highest rates of working mothers with young children in the entire country. As a result, finding solutions to fill this need is one of the most pressing priorities in North Carolina.

As the state’s capital and second-most populous city – with an estimated 474,000 residents as of 2019 – the need for reliable child care services in Raleigh is great. Raleigh holds the county seat of Wake County, where more than 1 of 4 households with children are single-parent households.

Durham is the fourth largest city in North Carolina, with a population of over 278,000, and is located just 24 miles outside of Raleigh. Durham County has an even higher rate of single-parent households than Wake County, with 41% of households with children run by single parents.

Raleigh and Durham are part of a combined statistical area that is often referred to as the Research Triangle. The Research Triangle contains a huge population of well over 2 million people and is home to three universities. At its center is the Raleigh-Durham International Airport, a major transportation hub in the southeastern United States. 

Growth in the Raleigh-Durham area is currently skyrocketing. In fact, this area was recently reported to be the second-fastest growing large metro area in the country, up from third place in 2019 with a 23% growth rate over the past decade. Both a natural increase and net migration have driven this growth, meaning more residents are moving in and more babies are being born.

Our franchise business is set to serve young families in Raleigh-Durham as they cope with the demands of working and raising children. At Celebree School, we designed day care centers that nurture the personal and academic growth of young learners while also keeping them safe and secure. 

We go the extra mile to ensure our child care centers are neighborhood-oriented and built upon a solid foundation within the community. As a result, our centers help families feel supported and act as a resource for making a positive difference in their children’s lives from early on. 

A Franchise Business for Locals of the Raleigh-Durham Area

Have you established roots in the Raleigh-Durham area and want your next business endeavor to reflect your passion for the community? Opening a Celebree School will give you the chance to give back. Even if you lack experience in the child care industry or business ownership in general, you can thrive as a franchise business owner thanks to our extensive support.

We take specific measures to invest in our franchisees and develop their talents, assisting with everything from daily operations to marketing and enrollment. You’ll always have our team to rely on as you navigate the journey of business ownership. Most importantly, you’ll be doing work that supports families in your local area and gives you the satisfaction of making a positive impact on the place you love and call home.

Learn more about joining our franchise business today. Give Celebree School a call at 410-515-8750 for details about the franchise opportunities we have available in Raleigh-Durham and the surrounding areas.

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