Own a Franchise in Charlotte with Celebree School

Do you want to own a franchise in the Charlotte area that allows you to make your community a better place? Then partner with us to open a Celebree School in your neighborhood.

At Celebree School™, we’re driven by our commitment to make high-quality educational child care an accessible option for more families. Starting with the opening of our very first center in Maryland over 25 years ago, we’ve always sought to provide care at the community level. With each new center, we’re building child care villages connecting families, educators, and center owners to form a supportive network. 

We’re proud to be a recognized name in educational child care across the Mid-Atlantic region. Through steady, intentional growth, and partnerships with passionate entrepreneurs, we’re expanding the reach of our brand to bring exceptional child care services to new communities. 

Due to its significant demand for child care, Charlotte, North Carolina is one of our current areas of focus.

Understanding the Need for Child Care in Charlotte

As North Carolina’s most populous city, and the second-largest city in the southeastern United States, Charlotte is an ideal location for a Celebree School. The Charlotte metro area is ranked in the top three fastest growing in the country. 

Mecklenburg County, where Charlotte holds the county seat, has seen a 8.55% increase in its child population over the past decade, as well as a 6.39% increase in families with children. This upward trend is even more impressive considering the national child population declined by 1% over the past ten years.

The recent growth in the Charlotte area has exacerbated certain challenges while also bringing about a number of opportunities, especially in the area of child care. As of 2017, over 57% of children in Mecklenburg County are under the age of ten years old. With 34% of households run by single parents, it’s obvious there’s a major need for reliable child care services across the community.

Why Choose to Own a Franchise with Celebree School?

As a franchisee with Celebree School, you can offer a quality child care solution for families in Charlotte. If you’re a local resident, you understand why this area has attracted so much growth over the years. By opening a Celebree School and providing the nurturing, neighborhood-oriented care families are looking for, you’ll do your part to make Charlotte an even better place to live.

Our brand is in search of professionals with deep roots in the Charlotte area who want to make a real and lasting contribution to their local community. We give our franchisees more than a proven business model; we offer the support and mentorship they need to thrive as new business owners in the child care industry. 

Whether you’re making a major career shift or have previous experience in early childhood education, our team will work to help you succeed in running a child care center that fosters a safe, educational, and inspiring space for young learners.

Take advantage of our exciting business opportunities throughout the Charlotte area. Contact us today at 610-764-6196 for details about how you can own a franchise with Celebree School.

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