Own a Franchise that Can Impact Your Community

Are you ready to make a career switch that enables you to give back to your local community on a daily basis? When you own a franchise that offers plenty of opportunities to make a positive impact on your neighborhood, you can experience the rewards of an inspiring career path. 

At Celebree School™, we’re proud to have a team of franchisees who are dedicated to making a difference in the lives of children and families around them. By making the decision to open a Celebree School, they have chosen to invest in both their own future and the future of their local community.

Our Approach to Creating Community-Oriented Child Care Centers

While we are a franchise company, the last thing we want to do is scatter cookie-cutter schools across the country. Instead, we’re mindfully expanding our footprint to serve areas in need of educational child care services. 

In addition, we encourage our center owners to creatively integrate their schools into the neighborhood. Every Celebree School is different, with unique design, décor, and community engagement projects that reflect their local environment.

While creating neighborhood-oriented child care centers under the Celebree School brand, franchisees have the opportunity to build a new kind of neighborhood. These child care communities are tailored to serve families in the local area and ensure children and parents have the support they need and desire. In this manner, our schools can become crucial resources for families and warm, welcoming extensions of the home environment.

Choose to Serve Your Community When You Own a Franchise

There are a number of ways you can use your position as the owner of a Celebree School to serve your community. First and foremost, you’ll be offering child care services that prepare local children for school and for life. Utilizing our nationally accredited curriculum package and our unique approach to early childhood education, you’ll be doing your part to equip children with the skills and resources they need to thrive. During this crucial time in their development, you’ll help them grow as individuals and show them the value of a good education.

By serving children, you are also serving parents. Parents depend on Celebree School to be there for their children when they can’t be present themselves. That’s why our schools run year round on a weekly schedule with only 7 annual holidays. 

As the owner of a Celebree School, you’ll build partnerships with parents in your community and play an active role in laying the foundation for their children’s future. Consequently, parents won’t think of your school as just a place to “drop the kids off.” Nor will you think of parents as simply clients. Over time, you’ll develop a network of close relationships with local families, making your job that much more satisfying.  

Finally, making the decision to own a franchise empowers you to hire a compassionate team of professional educators who share your values and vision for high-quality child care. Having the chance to provide work for your fellow community members can be life-changing, especially as you begin the process of creatively collaborating to build something special for local families. 

You can count on our corporate office to assist you with personnel development and ensure the professionals on your team have the opportunity to learn and grow along with the children under their care.

Learn More About Becoming a Business Owner with Celebree School

At Celebree School, we’re here to guide you during every step of your journey as a business owner. From the moment you choose to join our franchise family to opening day and beyond, our supportive team will be there to help you achieve your dream of providing the educational child care services your community needs and deserves. In addition to lending you our proven business model and industry expertise, we’ll also give you the tools to channel your passion for your community into a vocation you love.

Take the first step to own a franchise that makes a positive impact on your community! Reach out to Celebree Schools at 410-252-5646 for details about becoming a franchisee.

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