Understanding the Mission and Values of Our Day Care Business

At Celebree School, our day care business is about so much more than providing a safe space where parents can drop off and pick up their children on a daily basis. Our approach to child care gives parents the opportunity to invest in their children’s education, imagination, and future. 

By holding true to the mission and values of our day care business, we’re transforming the landscape of the industry one community at a time.

Following in the Footsteps of Our Day Care Business

In 1994, Richie Huffman, CEO of Celebree School, opened his first child care center in Maryland. It didn’t take long for him to realize the difference he could make in the lives of local families by providing child care services focused on the education and personal growth of each child. In 1996, he opened his second location. Only two decades later, Celebree had a total of 24 learning centers to its name.

This exceptional growth made clear that Celebree’s mission of providing high-quality, education-based child care services resonated with families. Richie then made the decision to build a franchise offering, enabling prospective business owners to leverage their own skills and drive to bring the Celebree brand of child care to their communities.

Franchisees now have the opportunity to utilize the Celebree School business model and curriculum to provide local families with the kind of nurturing, educational child care services they’re desperately looking for. 

Every step of the way, the Celebree corporate team is available to offer experienced support with business operations, licensing, and accreditation, ensuring franchisees are able to play a positive role in fulfilling our brand’s ultimate mission.

Upholding the Core Values of Our Day Care Business

Only by sticking to our core values have we been able to fulfill our mission of bringing exceptional child care services to more communities. These core values center on building a new kind of child-centered neighborhood where families, educators, and young learners are connected and cultivated in an environment that promotes their growth and well-being. When stability, security, and nurturing care are omnipresent, children can reach their full potential and families can focus on what matters most.

Celebree is most well-known for maintaining exceptional programs from location to location, developing the talent of individual team members, and fostering relationships within each community. Our unique blend of learning and fun creates an environment where children feel they can be themselves and parents feel at ease with their child care decisions. 

Each Celebree School owner knows they are fully supported. This knowledge allows them to go above and beyond to dedicate themselves to the inspiring work of educating and caring for the next generation.

Here are some of the concrete ways our day care business holds to our core values in order to further our mission of providing superior child care services:

  • We align our curriculum with state education standards.
  • We build teams of educators who inspire young learners.
  • We welcome parental engagement with every aspect of care.
  • We focus on promoting students’ social skills in addition to their academic abilities.
  • We uphold security with state-of-the-art closed circuit monitoring.
  • We require thorough background checks for every staff member.
  • We offer ongoing training and staff development for all team members.

At Celebree School, we believe child care is all about community. We know it takes a village to raise a child. By expanding our day care business to new neighborhoods, we’re following through on our mission to be that village for families in search of educational child care services.

Do your core values align with those of Celebree Schools? If you want to be a part of the mission of our day care business, contact our team today at 410-252-5646 to learn how you can bring a Celebree School to your neighborhood through our franchise opportunities. 

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