What’s the Best Franchise to Buy in Columbus?

If you’re looking to make an investment in your future by starting a business, why not take this opportunity to also invest in the future of your local community in Columbus, OH? Because of the significant need for high-quality child care in this area, Celebree School is a best franchise to buy in Columbus. 

We’re proud to help Columbus-based entrepreneurs give back to families in their neighborhood by providing a safe, nurturing space where children can grow into thoughtful community members themselves.

Choose the Best Franchise for Your Values

Celebree School was first established in Maryland and Delaware as welcoming extensions of the home environment. Our philosophy of child care makes learning fun for children and gives parents peace of mind. Rather than being a pick-up-and-drop-off solution to their child care needs, Celebree provides parents with a way to invest in their children’s future.

Now, we’re ready to bring our proven approach to educational child care to neighborhoods across the Columbus area. To fulfill our mission, we need to partner with passionate and driven individuals who want to make a difference in their local community.

We have plenty of experience helping entrepreneurs find their professional homes in the very same environment they’ve called home for years or even decades. By leveraging your local connections and knowledge of the area, you can tailor your Celebree School to meet the unique needs of families in your corner of Columbus.

Making a Positive Impact on the Columbus Area

We take the growth of our franchise brand very seriously, and we’re not interested in expanding just anywhere and everywhere. Instead, we’re taking a methodical approach to opening new locations that fosters local relationships and meets a high market demand. For this reason, Columbus is one of our main areas of interest.

At the moment, high-quality child care services are not always accessible for families across the state of Ohio, including those living in Columbus. Policy Matters Ohio has even stated that “Child care in Ohio is also often low quality which means that children aren’t getting the enrichment they need at a time in their life when high-quality care is essential to future success.” By opening Celebree School locations in communities in need of educational child care services, we can make a positive change for the state as a whole.

Columbus is the bustling center of Ohio, both the state’s capital and its largest city. With nearly 900,000 city residents and a metropolitan area of over 2 million people, Columbus is growing steadily. It even made the list of top 25 fastest growing metro areas in the nation, adding 50 new people per day in 2019!

Columbus holds the county seat of Franklin County, which is, not surprisingly, the most populous county in the state. However, it may come as a surprise to hear that 30% of the county’s households with children are headed by single parents. To ensure the economic stability and growth of the area, it’s important to provide working parents with access to reliable child care services.

As the population of Columbus continues to grow, it can only be expected that the number of families in need of child care will grow as well. These families deserve to have the option of educational child care services they know they can count on.

When you choose to become a Celebree School owner, you can be part of the solution to Columbus’s demand for high-quality child care. It’s this opportunity to give back to your local community that makes Celebree one of the best franchises to buy in Columbus.

If you’re a community-minded entrepreneur in Columbus, you may find Celebree is the best franchise for your values. Don’t hesitate to give our franchising team a call today at 410-252-5646 to learn more about the steps to franchise ownership.

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