Why we need more daycare franchises

Learn how Celebree School is rising to the challenge and meeting daycare demands across the nation.

The Affordable Childcare Crisis

As the economy has changed over the last 70 years, the demand for high-quality childcare has expanded. The nuclear family of the 1950s is a thing of the past. For the vast majority of the US labor pool, both parents have to work, meaning childcare outside of the home is not only a luxury, but a necessity.

With that necessity, an opportunity has been created for entrepreneurs to make an impact. The supply of affordable childcare has been slow to take root in most US states. A 2022 report from Child Care Aware revealed that while 12.3 million children required childcare services, only 8.7 million slots were available in licensed child care centers. That’s a gap of 3.6 million spots!

The lack of access to childcare has had consequences across the economy including:

  • Loss of productivity – Workplace productivity on the whole has shrunk as many parents have cut back their hours or left their jobs altogether.
  • Reduced economic growth — With fewer parents participating in the labor force, potential growth has been limited.
  • Small business impact — Employees struggling with childcare issues are often less reliable, which leads to disruptions in business operations. Larger businesses can absorb these fluctuations, but small businesses are challenged by increased turnover and training costs.

The answer to these problems is the investment in daycare franchises. Over the past two decades, franchise partners have been meeting the need for families seeking childcare. In this blog, we’ll outline how daycare franchising offers an opportunity for passionate and community-minded entrepreneurs to combat the childcare crisis.

Lower Investment Costs

One of the key advantages of daycare franchises is the relatively low investment costs compared to starting a daycare center from scratch. Franchise models like Celebree School offer a blueprint for success, reducing the financial and operational uncertainties that independent operators face. This reduction in startup costs translates to lower tuition fees for families, making high-quality childcare more accessible.

Celebree school, for example, provides comprehensive support to franchisees, including:

  • Site selection
  • Training
  • Ongoing operational assistance

This streamlined approach allows franchisees to focus on delivering excellent care and education rather than being bogged down by administrative burdens. Furthermore, the model’s scalability means that franchise partners can rapidly expand into underserved areas, addressing the childcare shortage more efficiently than independent centers could. By leveraging economies of scale, these Celebree School franchisees ensure that more families have access to the childcare services they need.

A Partner to Families

Celebree School franchisees don’t just provide childcare; through corporate programs, they can actively partner with both state and federal programs to support struggling families. This collaboration ensures that families from various economic backgrounds can access the childcare services they need.

Through programs such as scholarships and grants, Celebree School franchisees have the option of relieving the financial burden on families. These initiatives make it possible for children from low-income households to receive the same high-quality care and educational opportunities as their peers. By working with government programs and private organizations, Celebree School franchise partners ensure that financial constraints do not hinder a child’s development and well-being.

Additionally, Celebree School’s referral program encourages community involvement and support. Families who refer others to Celebree School can receive benefits, fostering a sense of community and mutual support among parents. This network of support is invaluable, as it helps build strong relationships and a shared commitment to providing the best possible care for all children.


The childcare gap in the U.S. presents a significant challenge, but Celebree School franchisees are rising to meet this demand. By taking advantage of lower investment costs, entrepreneurs can pass on the savings to families, making high-quality childcare more accessible and affordable

As the demand for affordable childcare continues to grow, franchisees are well-positioned to provide the necessary supply. With Celebree School’s scalable model, community support programs, and commitment to excellence, entrepreneurs are transforming the childcare landscape in the US. By addressing the childcare shortage and supporting working families, they play a crucial role in fostering economic growth and productivity.

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