Women Entrepreneurs and Daycare Franchises

Learn how daycare franchises like Celebree School give opportunities to women entrepreneurs and drive the 21st century economy forward.

One of the Best Business Ideas for Women Entrepreneurs

Over the last five years, women’s influence in the private sector has been colossal. In fact, throughout 2019 to 2023 – years that were marked with economic turmoil related to the pandemic– women-owned businesses’ growth rate outpaced the rate of men’s. Altogether, female entrepreneurs added 1.4 million jobs and $579.6 billion in revenue to the US economy.

Nowhere has the economic impact been more pronounced than in the franchising sector. Between 2022 and 2023, the percentage of franchises owned by women increased nearly 25%. Franchising – the perfect mix of entrepreneurship and the structure of a corporate model – has become the preferred landing spot for dedicated, passionate, and business-minded women.

Women and the Childcare Sector

90% of childcare businesses are owned by women – highlighting their critical role in shaping the daycare and early education industry. This sector is not only crucial for early childhood development but also plays a vital role in supporting working families and communities.

For daycare franchises like Celebree School, efforts to raise the profile of women entrepreneurs is transforming society. According to the Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC), investing in female-led childcare creates a ripple effect that benefits communities, families, and the economy at large.

Celebree School has been at the forefront of supporting women entrepreneurs who wish to open their own daycares.

Celebree School’s Opportunity

Celebree School presents an outstanding opportunity for women entrepreneurs looking to make a significant impact in their communities while building a successful business. The franchise model offers a structured approach to business ownership, combining the flexibility of entrepreneurship with the support of a well-established corporate framework.

Franchisees benefit from comprehensive training, ongoing support, and a proven business model. This support system ensures that entrepreneurs can focus on delivering high-quality childcare and education while confidently managing their business operations. The investment in a Celebree School franchise is not only a financial commitment but also a step towards making a meaningful difference in the lives of children and families.

Celebree School’s commitment to its franchisees extends beyond the initial training and support. The company continuously invests in research and development to ensure that its curriculum, technology, and business practices remain at the forefront of the industry. This dedication to excellence translates into a competitive advantage for franchisees, setting them up for long-term success.


The rise of women entrepreneurs in the franchising sector, particularly in childcare, is a testament to their resilience, dedication, and business acumen. Celebree School stands out as an opportunity for women looking to enter this vital industry. By offering comprehensive training, ongoing support, and financial assistance programs, Celebree School empowers women to succeed as business owners while making a positive impact on their communities.

As we look to the future, it is crucial to continue supporting and investing in women-owned businesses. The potential for growth and economic impact is immense. Celebree School is leading the way in this effort and demonstrating how women entrepreneurs are the driving forces of the 21st-century economy.

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